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Specimen and Laboratory Questions:

Who is the primary reference laboratory for your office?  *Do you collect specimens in your office?  *What are the most important reasons for using PCL Alverno? Please choose only three. 

Convenient patient service centers 

Please rate your satisfaction with PCL Alverno on a scale from 1 - 5 for the next 14 questions
(1-poor, 3-average, 5-excellent)

Critical result notification  *

Professionalism of phlebotomists  *

Routine test turnaround times  *

Internet connectivity for ordering/results  *

Stat menu and turnaround times  *

Requisition ease of use  *

Reporting of results  *

Report format  *

Knowledgeable account executive  *

Promptness of client service personnel 

Billing accuracy 

Test result quality  *

Supply delivery timeliness and accuracy  *

Courier - Logistics Questions

If you utilize our courier services, please answer the questions in this section.

Does your MedSpeed logistic service representative (LSR) perform in a courteous, respectful and professional manner? If you have had a service issues or change order, are you satisfied with the response and resolution? Does the On-Demand courier staff perform in a courteous, respectful and professional manner? Does the On-Demand courier staff consistently arrive and leave your site on time? If you answered no to any question, please let us know what was not satisfactory: 

Information Technology and Internet Questions:

Does your practice computer have high-speed Internet connectivity?  *Do you use a practice management system? If you answered the previous question with yes, does it include an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) feature? If you use the EMR feature, is it interfaced for: 

Customer Service Satisfaction Questions:

Please rate your satisfaction with our client services representatives when you call us for assistance.

Courtesy of our staff  *

Knowledgeable and able to assist you 

Promptness of call back, if needed 

Hold times before call was answered 

Were your questions answered correctly during the call? 

If you experienced an issue in the past, please rate the level of service our client services staff provided to you 

Who is your account executive?  *

Please rate your overall satisfaction with your account executive on:

Your overall satisfaction  *

Courtesy of your account executive  *

Knowledge and ability to assist you  *

Do you have any comments you would like to share about your account executive? 

A few final questions:

How may PCL Alverno better serve your practice? If you answered yes to the previous questions, please provide your email address here: