Test Information & Changes

December 2018 PCL Alverno Test Bulletin
12/21/2018 2:15:46 PM

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Dear Healthcare Provider,

The December test bulletin includes information on the changes that will coming regarding glucose tolerance testing and a change in the C. diff test algorithm.  Please review the link if you perform either of these tests.

Happy Holidays!




November 2018 PCL Alverno Test Bulletin
11/21/2018 2:00:57 PM

The November 2018 test bulletin includes information related to changes to Quantiferon Gold testing for TB and glucose tolerance testing.

Confirmation of testing for drugs of abuse will be coming in-house.

Also coming in-house will be anti-Beta 2 Glycoprotein 1 /  Antiphospholipid Syndrome (APS)

Wishing you a most peaceful and happy Thanksgiving!

October 2018 PCL Alverno Test Bulletin
10/11/2018 11:10:07 AM

Dear Healthcare Provider,

The October 2018 test bulletin includes information on the change to what type of tube will be accepted for blood lead collections and the butterfly needles that will be available to for our clients.  We are changing to a push button butterfly to increase the safety of all phlebotomists using this type of needle.  

Thank you for patronage!  

September 2018 PCL Alverno Test Bulletin
9/13/2018 3:48:25 PM

Dear Healthcare Provider,

The September test bulletin includes information on culture turnaround times, changes to the BioFire respiratory panel, drug of abuse confirmation testing and the availability of a new vaginal panel (a new collection device will be required) that will become available on October 16, 2018.

As always, thank you for your patronage! 

Your PCL Alverno Lab Team

July 2018 PCL Alverno Test Bulletin
7/14/2018 9:26:48 PM

Dear Healthcare Provider,

This month's test bulletin announces that Alverno will begin performing confirmation testing for drugs of abuse in-house, utilizing Liquid Chromatography tandem Mass Spectrometry instrumentation that will provide quantitative drug confirmations for the following drug classes and provide improved turnaround times. Please click here for the cutoff values. 

June 2018 Test Bulletin Update
5/22/2018 5:25:43 PM

Please note that the go-live date for the new and more sensitive assay for Syphilis testing has been postponed to June 5, 2018.  The new order code SYPHB will be effective once the assay goes live on June 5, 2018.

Thank you!


May 2018 PCL Alverno Test Bulletin
5/14/2018 2:15:15 PM

Dear Healthcare Provider,

The June 2018 test bulletin is ready for your review.  

Included in this bulletin is information regarding standardization initiative for pediatric reference ranges. This update is for pediatric thyroid testing of Free T4 and Total T3.

If you routinely order syphilis testing in your office, please read these pages.  

We welcome all our new clients to the Alverno family!

March/April 2018 PCL Alverno Test Bulletin
4/16/2018 3:13:33 PM

Dear Healthcare Provider,

The February Test Bulletin contains information on a device change for PCL testing for chlamydia/gonorrhea and a reminder that the reflex criteria for urine cultures changed in January. 

Information is also included regarding EGFR by PCR - plasma specimen for liquid biopsy and molecular enteric pathogen panels which began on 3/1/2018.  


Revised 4/17/18

The March Test Bulletin (updated 4/17/18 page 5 missing) contains information on inspecting multi-collect devices for signs of leakage and celiac panel testing ordering guidelines. 

See page one of the MarchTest Bulletin for information regarding a serum osmolality reference range update and reference range corrections for common ragweed allergen testing.

Also included is information regarding Protime with or without therapy and molecular testing with blood cultures. 

Currently there is no April 2018 update.  If important information comes up, we will be sure to update the blog.

Wishing you sunshine and more spring like weather,
Your PCL Alverno Team

PCL Alverno January 2018 Test Bulletin
1/24/2018 3:49:07 PM

Dear Healthcare Provider,

The January 2018 test bulletin contains information regarding glomerular filtration rates for pediatric patients and a change to reference ranges related to a new flow cytometry analyzer installation that will be in effect 2/1/2018.

An update related the norovirus is included on page two. This is in effect at this time. Please take a moment to review the test bulletin if you order any of these tests in your practice.

Thank you for your patronage!

PCL Alverno December 2017 Test Bulletin
12/7/2017 3:23:01 PM

Dear Healthcare Provider,

this month's one page bulletin gives an update that includes information on mumps, measles and rubella, reflex criteria for urine culture, and ragweed allergen testing.  

Please click the above link to view the details.

Thank you and Merry Christmas from your Alverno team!